One time I went to a meeting at a singles ward in Michigan. During the meeting, there was a man who stood up to speak. As he got up he started his remarks by telling one of his new-year’s resolutions: “This past year,” he said “I found that I played World of Warcraft a total of 30 full days, so my resolution is to stop playing this year.” He then proceeded to talk about resolutions, before revealing that his new goal this year was to be the “best Rock Band drummer in the world.”

In remembering this experience, I couldn’t help but think to myself: “Boy, that’s exactly why you’re not married.” This man was 30, yet he was still playing computer games with most, if not all, of his free time. In Mormon culture, people from their 20s-30s have a strong desire to settle down and get married. It is often the topic of conversation and a general goal. Some, like this man in Michigan, ask: “Why am I not married yet?” This blog is intended to answer that very question: Why you’re not married.