Those who have been within a mile of BYU campus have possibly noted the tell-tale signs of nerdism:

  1. Their backpack is on wheels
  2. They walk while reading their favorite book / textbook
  3. They get more excited about a software update for their computer than their date on friday
  4. Their pickup lines usually start with some sort of technological jargon
  5. Their pants are often short enough to reveal their high white socks
  6. Their idea of “a night on the town” includes a trip to the computer section at Best Buy

I think this poem suggests why some of us with these traits have social troubles:

Mo memorized the dictionary
but just can’t seem to find a job
or anyone who wants to marry
someone who memorized the dictionary!

So to myself and other nerds… instead of spending your free time in Best Buy or memorizing new words, take a walk outside the library, take off your thick black-rimmed glasses, and ask that girl out (you know the one i’m talking about) and lose the techno-jargon.